< p > Before you start using our products and services, please read and acknowledge the following agreements carefully.


1.1 my.weixinhost.com in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and the relevant website on the supplementary terms of network services to provide related services, the final interpretation of this ordinance owned by HOST.

1.2 All users who accept the relevant WeChat marketing service or apply for the use of the WeChat marketing service (collectively, the "User") are deemed to agree and fully accept all the terms and conditions under this agreement.

1.3 For changes to the terms of this agreement, HOST will directly update the contents of the relevant web site agreement, without further notice. The revised terms of the agreement on the page that is effective to replace the original terms of the original.

2)Service Description

2.1 HOST(my.weixinhost) will provide users with a lot of related network services through the Internet, including some information, personalized content, data analysis and related network application tools, unless otherwise specified, all current and future new features, new products are unconditional applicable to the terms of this service agreement.

2.2 Our marketing services are provided only in the current situation and are not responsible for any information or personalization of the limitation, deletion, transmission error, storage problem or any other problem.

2.3 We reserves the right to suspend or permanently cease the service or part of its services for the purpose of content updates, version upgrades or other purposes without prior notice.

2.4 We only provides the relevant technical marketing services, in addition to the relevant network services related equipment (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other access to the Internet or mobile network-related devices) and the required costs (such as the telephone charges and Internet charges paid for access to the Internet, the mobile phone fees paid for the use of the mobile network) shall be borne by the user.

2.5 The technical service is only available to individuals or companies that can make legally binding contracts in accordance with applicable laws. Therefore, whether to use the conditions, please use the "WeChat admin platform agreement" to judge.

3)Service Change, Interrupt or Termination

3.1 In view of the particularity of the provision of services based on the WeChat, we have the right to change, discontinue or terminate some or all of the network services at any time without any liability to the user or any third party.

3.2 In the event of any of the following circumstances, we have the right to immediately close or modify your user account and related information and documents, or prohibit the continued use of relevant documents or services, and we are not responsible for you and any third party.

3.2.1 Users can not completely, truly, accurately provide the latest relevant information;

3.2.2 Users in violation of relevant state laws and regulations or the relevant provisions of this Agreement;

3.2.3 User self-request for assistance;

3.3 Due to the illegal use of our products and services to cause WeChat official ban and interruption, we will not bear any responsibility for any user or any third party.

4) Product Copyright Notice

4.1 Any information, images, graphics, audio, video and other related content contained in the technical services provided by HOST is protected by copyright, trademark and other property ownership laws, and for any software used to provide network services the right of the copyright belongs to the owner of the software, without the consent of the relevant right holder or the copyright owner, shall not be published, used, tampered with or used in any medium or any place. In the production, transmission, data submission process, and due to the related software process delays, inaccuracies, errors and omissions, or resulting from any damages in any form, we will not responsible to any user or any third party.

4.2 The information, documents and other information provided in our products and services by the users are only on behalf of the user's own views, actions and positions, the user himself bear all the relevant responsibilities; all the content copyright belongs to the original author and the reference must be approved by the original author, we do not bear any legal responsibility in this process.

4.3 We have the right to use any information and documents that published by the users on our platform, or use in cooperation with other third parties, including but not limited to in the areas of websites, magazines, periodicals, television, broadcasting, etc.

5) Data Storage

5.1 Data ownership based on the WeChat belongs to the user. In the WeChat official account / mini program normal authorization period, we have all the data use rights.

5.2 We are not responsible for the removal or storage of the relevant data in the service.

5.3 We have the right to decide the longest storage period of service data and the allocation of maximum data storage space on the server according to the actual situation. Users can purchase our paid service for exporting and backup the relevant data according to their own needs.

5.4 If the user stops using our products or services, or the services are cancelled or terminated, we can permanently delete your data from the server. After the service is stopped, terminated or canceled, we have no obligation to return any data to you.

6) User Privacy Statement

6.1 Users apply for the use of our related technical services, once the registration is successful, will get the account and password information, the user is obliged to ensure the security of the account and password, the user of the use of the password and account for all activities carried out full responsibility; And any loss or damage arising therefrom consequently, we do not assume any liability. But we have the obligation to provide appropriate measures to protect the function (password protection, verification code, etc.) to ensure the privacy of the official account / mini program and information security.

6.2 We warrant that the registration information of the individual user and the data of the official account /mini program is not publicly available to any third parties. Other than the following situations:

6.2.1 Prior authorization of the user;

6.2.2 Only disclose the relevant information of users in order to provide users with the products and services required;

6.2.3 In accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations;

6.2.4 In accordance with the requirements of the relevant government departments;

7) Disclaimer

We do not represent or warrant the correctness or reliability for any content, information or advertisements obtained by, including, linking, downloading or obtaining from any relevant service; And for the user, in the WeChat official account / mini program advertising, display and purchase, obtain any product, information or information, we do not guarantee responsibility. Users are responsible for the risk of using all services.