Leading WeChat CRM Platform

Manage follower relationships based on WeChat Official Account, understand follower behavior and use automated tools to make marketing smarter.


Follower Management

Build a CRM system based on followers, providing multi-latitude filtering and batch manipulation.


Marketing Automation

Automatic tagging and messaging based on followers' behaviours ,help you collect data and save costs.


Personalized Broadcasting

Three types of broadcasting to help you break through the limitations and achieve more accurate delivery.


Red Packet

A pay-per-use cash disbursement solution in a variety of scenarios with complete financial data.


Fussion Poster

By leveraging the social influence of followers to attract more followers by setting up prizes for invitees.


Customer Service

Provide customer service based on WeChat to reach users accurately and understand their real needs.


Trackable QR code

Exclusive user tracking function to set different replies for different channels, provides retention data.


Enhanced Statistics

Richer statistics and analysis, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the operation status.


Cross-platform Data Matching

Use UnionID to connect and realize the identification of followers within multiple platforms and get more data.


Wechat form

Create forms that can be submitted within WeChat, collect business data or conduct questionnaires.


Lucky draw

Choose from templates to quickly start activities. Easy to configure and no development required.



Free features that lead fans to become members, with built-in rewards and prize redemption.


Why HOST Tech

Professional Service

24/7 service support from industry experienced marketing experts. No sales pitches, more concerned with solving your problems.

Constantly Upgrade

Over 200 product iterations and bug fixes annually, with an average time to resolve product issues of less than 48 hours.

Proven Technology

Running smoothly for over 8 years, with an annual product availability rate of 99.99% or more, no data breach or security incident ever.

Flexible Price

All features are charged on a pay-as-you-need basis and a 7-day free trial is available. No bundled sales, no forced buying.

Happy Clients

Help & Support

Customer Service

Communicate directly with marketing specialists by WeChat, providing a round-the-clock service with a prompt message response within several hours.


Help Centre

Solve 99% of your problems on your own, without waiting for a customer service response, with a comprehensive online product manual.


Video Conference

If you are a branded customer, feel free to book an online video conference to get a better understanding of our products and solutions.


Case Study

Personalised marketing with multi-dimensional CRM platform

WeChat CRM Mini-program

Intel China's official account has a deep follower base and undertakes a variety of functions such as channel promotion, user accumulation and internal functions. With our standard product + custom development, HOST helped Intel to tailor-make a feature-rich CRM management system.

Firstly, our system automatically tagged followers with different tags according to their behaviors and sources, and pushed different contents, realizing personalized marketing and significantly increasing the readership and open rates; secondly, we developed a customized content mini-program for Intel, enabling followers to subscribe on their own and content from different departments to be well promote.

Afterward, we also made in-depth use of offline activities to collect user data using WeChat mini-program and HTML5 pages and then connected Intel's existing CRM with WeChat data, realizing the application of big data level.

Through the latest technology and innovative ideas, Intel and HOST have worked together to create a multi-dimensional WeChat technology platform that collects more effective data, making both marketing and strategy more efficient.

Launch business in China via WeChat Official Account

Customer Service Minisite Digitalized event

The world-renowned auction house Christie's has a large number of clients in China, and due to user habits, the brand wanted to use WeChat to do more business and have more in-depth and frequent communication with its clients.

Based on these needs, we developed a Chinese version of the WeChat website for Christie's to showcase its auctions, events and other useful functions such as lot evaluation and event reminders. At the same time, by providing functions such as WeChat guide and QR code channel monitoring at current auctions, users can easily access the Chinese version of the official website for browsing, significantly enhancing the user experience.

We have also custom-developed a WeChat customer service function with tagging function to our client's customer service team, enabling service staff to better understand user needs and provide more accurate services.

Through offline event guidance and online presentation + service, Christie's has delved into the real needs of its Chinese customers to create a more complete service that will help expand its China market.