Don't miss valuable data on WeChat

The Official account generates a lot of data every day, HOST WeChat CRM system helps you collect data from 5 major ways, without losing any data



Capture all messages sent to the public by fans, support automatic message acceptance and conversion to tag storage.

Focus on the source

Collects data on the source of each fan's attention and automates fan stratification management based on the data.

Cross Platform

Through the interface to synchronize the acquisition of fans' behavior in the Mini-program, to achieve the linkage between the Official account and the Mini-program.

Event Interaction

Capture fans' behaviors within the official account, such as scanning QR codes, clicking on menus, receiving coupons, and making WeChat payments.

H5 page

Capture the behavior of fans on H5 pages, get reading preference data, and confirm whether there are visits and sharing actions.

Help you discover the value of WeChat CRM

HOST WeChat CRM provides you with a wealth of features to uncover the value of your data, whether it's manual or automated operations.

Filter fans by criteria

HOST CRM supports setting up more than 13 conditions of fan filtering rules to make your fan management more detailed.

Manually add or subtract labels in bulk

Batch add or remove tags for fans, create tasks without limiting the number of fans to make tagging more accurate.

Targeted mass mailing

HOST CRM supports mass mailing based on tags or Open IDs, and you can choose different types of mass mailing such as customer service messages or template messages.

Mark and note key information for fans

HOST CRM system supports fans' key information (such as cell phone number) labeling, and also supports modifying fans' notes and synchronizing with WeChat.

Set rules to automatically change the label

HOST CRM supports automated marketing by automatically modifying tags based on fan behavior actions and attributes.

Delayed push messages

HOST CRM supports setting a delayed delivery period of 1-2880 minutes, allowing you to achieve a more intelligent push effect.

Call through third-party API

HOST CRM supports third-party development by API incoming data to customize the triggering of automatic marketing rules.

Set up a personalized menu

HOST CRM supports setting up different personalized menus for fans of different attributes, and this feature is completely free!

The Union ID you can't miss

Use WeChat's official Union ID to open up data from all parties to achieve true WeChat data unification

Official account
Mini program

HOST WeChat CRM system helps you use Union ID to achieve a unified identity under the WeChat ecosystem!
Whether it's a WeChat official account, a mini program, an H5 page within WeChat, or a website using WeChat login all can be completed and linked together with Union ID.

Customized WeChat CRM implementation requirements

Your individual needs can be implemented by custom development, integrated into the system as a plugin.

Understand fans' interests to enhance marketing efficiency

The open rate of WeChat graphic message push continues to be low and has fallen below 2.5% at the end of 2017. In the era of information explosion the only way to gain continuous attention from fans is to provide personalized content. We can customize the content tracking solution based on WeChat official account and Mini program, using subscription to help you understand your fans' reading preferences, record their reading content, and improve the overall content open rate and sharing rate.

Get payment data to improve repurchase

The important role of WeChat CRM is to assess the value of fans, then e-commerce transaction amount is undoubtedly the most important component of fan value. We provide customized e-commerce integration solutions to help brands obtain transaction data from different e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Taobao and Youzan, and automatically tag fans based on transaction amounts and set up automated marketing actions based on purchase behavior to help brands improve conversion and repurchase rates.

Monitor sales with the help of WeChat

Nowadays, sales work relies heavily on social networks, and we provide highly customized social sales tools based on WeChat. We help brands to establish a social sales system and enable sales people to manage their followers on their own. At the same time, sales themselves can create mobile-based sales pages, actively gain leads from social media through their personal influence, and follow up.

Data back to your database

WeChat is currently the largest social platform in China, based on WeChat you can get a lot of social data, and the ultimate goal of WeChat CRM must be to connect with the enterprise generic CRM, for the enterprise generic CRM import data from WeChat. We are experienced in helping enterprises to connect with CRM, and we are good at transferring cleaned WeChat CRM data back to generic CRMs like Salesforce/Eloqua/Dynamics.


My WeChat official acount is using other systems, can i use your platform simultaneously?

No problem! Authorize your WeChat official account to our platform will not have any effect on your official account, and the data is also sent to us as well as your existing platform.

How can you guarantee the data security?

Data is the customer's assets, we will fully guarantee the safety of the data. All of your data is encrypted and stored in the cloud, and the data between different customers is completely isolated. At the same time, our server hardware is the world's first cloud computing provider Amazon AWS, which is safe and reliable.

Will the data be permanently stored?

The ordinary message (text/image, etc.) received by the official account will be stored for 60 days, and the event message (menu click/receive a voucher, etc.) will be stored for 7 days, and the message will be deleted automatically after expiration.

Are the followers automatically judged and tagged by your system?

Our system requires preset rules to automatically tag your followers because that different scenes are for different customer uses. You need to set one-time rules, then our system can automatically judge and tag your followers.

With the use of your platform, can I enhance the open rate of my broadcast message?

Deliver your broadcast messages based on tags can effectively enhance the open rate, 50% to 200% increment generally.

Are your tags the same with those on WeChat Official Platform?

The tags created and generated in our platform are automatically synchronized to the WeChat official platform, and the tags generated by the WeChat official platform need to be manually synchronized to our platform. The synchronization of the tags ensures the consistency of the follower data.

Does the data support API export or integrate into third-party systems?

The data in our SCRM system support paid export, which includes APIs or raw data downloading, and our engineers can help you integrate social data into APIs on your own data management platform.

How does your SCRM system charge?

Our CRM system is a combination of various features that you can buy on demand. Different applications are meant to solve different needs. You can choose to buy one of the features or buy on package, which cost form a few dollars to dozens of dollars. But if your account has a large number of followers, you may need to pay additional hardware costs. Please refer to the pricing page for details.

Can data from other system be imported into your SCRM system?

Absolutely! We have had a similar experience to help brands re-import the offline transaction data into the our SCRM system. In addition, the data from e commerce platform that related to user phone numbers can also be imported. If you have a similar request, please contact us for a solution.

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