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Red Packet distribution scheme

Official account can send money if you wants.

You can distribute Official account's red envelopes in three different ways. First, the password red envelope, the fans obtained the password input to Official account to extract,; Second, draw red envelopes, fans open the web page random selection of red envelopes, can be set only Official account fans or directed fan draw; The third is directed red envelopes, the cash will be sent directly to the corresponding fans,.

How to use: Login and purchase "Red Packet"

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Follower Management Solution

Essential rules engine for precise marketing and WeChat CRM

Automatic Tagging is one of the core features of HOST CRM. An auto-tagging engine helps you automatically create follower portraits with our program, so you no longer have to worry about how to layer a large number of followers. Supports automatic tagging according to follower behaviors in up to 12 categories, and supports automatic tagging according to gender, region, language, and following sources, providing powerful data classification support for precise marketing.

How to use: Login and purchase “Auto-Tagging”


Follower raising scheme

help Official account rising fans more than 30 million

With fission posters you can quickly grow your fan base, authentication service number dedicated power features. The principle of fission poster is to assign an exclusive qr code to each fan, and fans invite friends to follow the public account through their social circle. Every time you add a new fan, you get a bonus point, which can be exchanged for a preset prize. The prize type supports real/virtual codes.

How to use: Login and purchase “Fission posters”

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Interactive lottery scheme

A good Choice for Official account to give the Prize

Official account has to do an activity to keep fans alive, so the draw would be a good choice. HOST offers you a variety of raffle forms, including question-and-answer raffle and web raffle, while the web draw comes in four different styles (support paid custom skin). Each form of lottery can set different types of prizes and draw restrictions.

How to use: Login and purchase “Lottery”


Personalized Marketing Solution

Custom menus can be used for different followers

A custom menu is a necessary basic function for each official account. The official account provides a direct service path for followers through the menu, which is the second-best conversion tool for them. Our custom menu function does not only support up to 9 types of response content, but also generates personalized menus based on the follower's mobile phone operating system, gender, tags, and other characteristics, truly enabling different followers to view different menus, and improving the personalized services within your official account.

How to use: Login and purchase “Custom Menu”

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Content distribution scheme

China's best content distribution system

The future of WeChat marketing is personalized marketing, and accurate content to target fans is the basis of personalized marketing. HOST provides three main types of mass messaging and supports the task of creating a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 1 million people. The system's reliable failure retry mechanism ensures the speed and success rate of the leading industry.

How to use: Login and move to “Broadcast”


Offline retail scheme

Send location to check the nearest store

Off-line retail customers have a large number of stores, the surrounding store query function can achieve Official account send location to automatically push the nearest store. WeChat coupons also support setting up marketing barriers, requiring fans to pay attention to Official account or share the coupon to friends before they can get it.

How to use: Login and purchase “location store”

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Fan management scheme

A powerful fan management system

HOST helps you build a strong fan database, automatically tagging followers by identifying their behavior and sending messages, turning WeChat fans into real customers. At the same time support 15 different dimensions of filtering to help you find the target fans, and all fan data can be exported.

How to use: Login and move to “Fans list”

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Follower Interaction Solution

Whose baby is the best? You must not miss the "Photo Gallery" function

You must have experienced various kinds of canvassing activities before: The Most Lovely Baby, Outstanding Employees, Top 10 Singers ... "Photo Gallery" function can help the official account quickly generate a photo voting page, which includes "like" and comments, ranking, and give gifts to the top ones. In addition, photos can be connected to a PC screen, suitable for a carousel display at the on-site event.

How to use: Login and purchase “Photo Gallery”

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Multiple Official account data scheme

The data screen you want is right here

Are you worried about managing multiple Official account? data screen features help you quickly browse multiple Official account data (up to 50 Official accounts). Look at the overall trend in fan numbers, reading graph and data. In addition, data screens support customized development to meet brand specific needs.

How to use: Login and purchase “Data report”

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Follower Interaction Solution

The best magic weapon to increase follower activity degree

Do followers usually not interact with your official account? Worried about fewer and fewer followers? "Daily Check-in" function will be your first choice. Followers need to come to your official account to check-in every day or for a certain period of consecutive days so that they can get prizes / get a lottery chance. It supports the setting of prizes with different gradients, attracting followers' interaction and continuous attention.

How to use: Login and purchase “Daily Check-in”

演示视频:Daily Check-in

Traffic Attraction Evaluation Solution

Count the number of followers from QR codes, a good helper for advertising

The "QR code with parameters" function enables the generation of different QR codes for official accounts, and automatically counts the scan amount and followers of each QR code. When it is necessary to evaluate the effect of offline promotion events or advertisements, different QR codes can be distributed to different channels easily. Inserting a QR code for each broadcasting message can also compare the traffic attraction effection of each message so that to optimize the content. It also supports pushing up to 5 specific follow-up responses after scanning the QR code.

How to use: Login and purchase “QR code with parameters”

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Customer Service Solution

The ultimate solution in automatic response is to achieve automated marketing

How can the official account's welcome message have a good conversion effect? Try delaying push multiple responses. Our " Welcome Message" function supports up to 5 welcome messages, 24-hour delay reply, and progressive responses, which will greatly increase the conversion efficiency for new customers. The "Auto-Reply" function also supports a maximum creation of 10,000 keywords and batch creation and deletion, which will also improve the efficiency of establishing an automated system.

How to use: Login and purchase “Welcome Message & Default Reply” and “Auto-Reply”


Follower Interaction Solution

Establish an exclusive WeChat MOMENTS for your official account

If you are worried about how to interact with followers and get feedback, you can try our " Message Board" function. You can set up a specific theme, and followers leave comments under this theme so that your brand and followers are getting closer. It also supports sending pictures, leaving messages, and "like" function, making follower interaction more convenient.

How to use: Login and purchase “Message Board”

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Registration and Research Solution

Quickly create custom registration/feedback/survey forms

Surveys and forms are indispensable functions in the daily operation and maintenance of official accounts. The "Advanced Survey" function supports all customization of the questions, and the style can also be highly customized. It is suitable for creating registration forms, survey forms, check-ins, and collecting feedback. The forms can be received in the back end immediately after followers filling in. The survey data can be easily exported, and the comparison and collection of results from various channels can be simple too.

How to use: Login and purchase “Advanced Survey”

演示视频:Advanced Survey

Interactive Lottery Solution

A lottery game that can be played by talking to the official account

Have you tried a fun lottery using only dialogue? There is no need to take up too much traffic from followers, no web page loading, and followers can participate in the lottery according to the guidance of the official account. Answer the question first (questions can be related to your brand to increase brand awareness), if the answer is correct, the prize will be automatically drawn! Support the distribution of physical and virtual prizes. A great weapon to uplifting your follower activity degree!

How to use: Login and purchase “Keyword Lucky Draw”

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